This chapter was revealed in Mecca and consists of 40 verses. It affirms the occurrence of the Day of Judgment, discusses its attributes, and provides arguments for its undoubtable truth. It starts by narrating the audience’s inquiry from each other concerning its news. It answers them, with a tone of admonition, that they will soon know. Then it proves its truth by referring to the order of the world before our eyes. The wise management of affairs in this world clearly shows that beyond this realm of constant change and impermanence, there must be a fixed and eternal realm. The signs in this world reveal that following this life where there is action but no compensation, there will be a life where there is compensation but no action.

The chapter then describes that day, when the people will be summoned and gathered in one place, when the transgressors will be doomed to excruciating punishment, and when the Godwary will be elevated to eternal bliss. Finally, the chapter ends with an admonition. The chapter’s theme clearly shows that it was revealed in Mecca.


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