Surah Al-Tur was revealed in Mecca and consists of 49 verses.

The chapter serves as a warning to the deceitful and diehard of the disbelievers about the chastisement that has been prepared from them on Judgment Day. With strongly underscored oaths, it begins by foretelling the coming of the forewarned punishment, informing that it will fall on Judgment Day, when it will unescapably and inevitably seize them.

Next, it recounts a fragment of the forewarned chastisement and horror that will overtake all disbelievers without exception and will not leave them. Then, it contrasts this scene with one that evokes the scene of the perpetual bliss of the people of Heaven. They were the Godwary who were mindful of [fulfilling] their familial obligations, who called unto God, believing in Him and His Oneness.

Next, it rebukes the liars who accused the Holy Prophet, the Quranic revelation and the upright teachings of the True Religion.

Finally, it concludes by repeating its warnings and exhortations and by calling the Holy Prophet to take to the glorification of His Lord. The chapter is Meccan by testimony of the line of meaning of its verses.


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