This chapter is composed as a warning as evinced by its opening, its conclusion, and the topics that intervene between them. The obvious exception being the digression that takes place between verses 67 and 73, beginning with the phrase, …except for the Godwary, O My servants! Today you will have no fear, nor will you grieve… (43:67–68).

It says that it is the Divine Custom to send reminders with prophets and messengers. People’s immoderation in words and deeds do not prevent God from doing this; in fact, He sends prophets and messengers and causes those who deride and deny them to perish before driving them towards eternal punishment.

At first, the chapter mentions sending prophets in general, before naming Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) one after another. Thereafter it turns to discuss the immoderation of the faithless; things like them willfully claiming that God has a son or that the angels are His daughters. This chapter demonstrates a special concern with negating the idea that God has any offspring by repeating this, refuting it and threatening them with punishment for claiming it. In addition to this, various other realities are also discussed.

Based on the content of the verses, the chapter appears Meccan, except for the verse, Ask those of Our Messengers We have sent before you…’ (43:45). However, as we shall hopefully discuss, this has not been established.


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