The focus of this chapter, as its opening, conclusion, and general tenor suggest, is summoning people to believe in divine unity (tawhid), to have certainty in the Resurrection, and to adhere to the general teachings of the religion.

From the beginning of the chapter, it appears that it was revealed concerning some of the polytheists who would prevent other people from listening to the Qur’an by spreading fanciful tales, as is indicated in reports about the occasion of revelation for the verse: Among the people is he who buys diversionary talk that he may lead astray from Allah’s way (31:6).

In conclusion, the chapter was revealed to expound some of the fundamental doctrines and teachings of the religion, and also to recount some details of the sage, Luqman, and his wise sayings in response to the whimsical stories they were spreading.

Based on the tone of its verses, this chapter was revealed in Mecca. One of its finest verses reads:

  • That is because Allah is the Reality, and whatever they invoke besides Him is nullity… (31:30).


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