The Peak of the Qur’an – Surah al-Baqarah

The peak of speech is the Qur’an. The peak of the Qur’an is al-Baqarah. And the peak of al-Baqarah is Āyat al-Kursī; I was given Āyat al-Kursī from the treasures at the foot of God’s throne. No other prophet was given this before me.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)

God’s blessing upon ʿAllāmah al-Tabātabāʾī was not only to produce a unique commentary of the Qur’an , but also to induce others to dedicate themselves to Qur’anic scholarship, even several decades after his death. This book condenses the first four English volumes of al-Mīzān into one. It excludes the author’s linguistic, technical and narrative discussions, and abridges his philosophical discourses. It thus offers his salient points to readers who may not otherwise have the time or background to plunge into the deep end.


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