Al-Mizan Vol. 3

This volume covers the exegesis of verses 183-223 of the second Chapter of the Qur’an, “The Cow” and corresponds to the first half of the second volume of the Arabic text.

Some of the significant discussions of this volume are concerning the following subjects: The revelation of the Qur’an in the month of Ramadan and on the Night of Power with special emphasis on its gradual revelation; meaning of supplication; hajj and the generality of its laws; the problem of al-rajʿah (the return) and refutation of the doubts expressed by some people against it. There is also a comprehensive discussion about the reality and origin of human existence, the history of mankind, emergence of differences among human beings, human life in the Hereafter and other such issues. The author has expressed his scholarly opinion regarding these issues and analyzed them with remarkable insight.

There is another significant discussion regarding the problem of prophethood, which has been discussed from various angles, such as Qur’anic, philosophical and social.

Translator: Late Allamah Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi


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