Al-Mizan Vol. 2

This second English volume covers the exegesis of verses 94-182 of the second chapter of the Qur’an, “The Cow”.

The important discussions of this volume include:

  • the Sabeans;
  • the revival of the dead;
  • metamorphosis;
  • refutation of the doctrine of Sonship of Christ;
  • the meaning of the Imamate-spiritual leadership – its proofs, and other important issues related to it;
  • magic and the obsolete occult sciences;
  • the laying of the foundation of the Holy Ka’bah and
  • the legislation concerning the Qiblah;
  • the meaning and stages of islam and the iman;
  • meaning of dhikr (remembrance of God);
  • the world of Barzakh (intermediary stage between death and Resurrection);
  • detachment of the self; morality;
  • dependence of man-made things upon God Almighty;
  • the meaning of love and its relations to God;
  • perpetuity and eternity of punishment; 
  • taqlid (spiritual following or imitation in religious matters) and its meaning;
  • the meaning of ibraz (producing or bringing out certain proofs); and lastly
  • the issue of qisas (the law of retaliation) with reference to the objections raised against the laws of qisas and their refutation.

Translator: Late Allamah Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi


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