Al-Mizan Vol. 30

This volume of Tafsir al-Mizan corresponds to the Arabic volume 15 and covers the exegesis of two complete chapters, Sūrah Al-Shuʿara (Chapter 26) and Sūrah al-Naml (Chapter 27).

The first discussion in this volume is about Divine Knowledge and how it applies to objects and events. This discussion follows the commentary on verse 26:8 and the author clarifies the implausibility of what some exegetes have said that the verse refers to God’s foreknowledge of the people’s disbelief. This is followed by a study of the meaning and implications of the negation of Divine injustice. The author probes these issues meticulously and with penetrating insight as he has done in other such discussions.

The last discussion concerns Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him) in the light of the verses 15-44 of Sūrah al-Naml and it consists of four sections dealing with his life and personality.

Translator: Tawus Raja


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