Glimpses of Al-Mizan

The Excellent Names of God

God's excellent Names and attributes can be proven in a straightforward way. The Qur'an confirms this through attributing kingdom or sovereignty and ownership or possession to God in their absolute sense.

The Prostration of Angels Before Adam

Iblis (Satan, Devil) was once sharing the same spiritual station as the angels. However, the creation of Adam split that station into two: the station of proximity to God versus the station of distance from God. This resulted into two paths: the path of happiness and the path of wretchedness.

The Two Aspects of our Existence

Our existence is like the two sides of the same coin; a divine aspect and the worldly aspect. The divine aspect is by which we face God as an assembled and concentrated non-temporal and non-gradual existence whereas the worldly aspect is by which we face the world as separate and diversified beings and governed by time, change and gradual progression.

The Vision of God

The vision of God is a special kind of decisive knowledge about the divine and not the "seeing" in the sense of physical sight with the eyes. We humans have a certain sense of our Lord other than the acquired belief through contemplation, research and debates. 

The Purpose of our Existence

There are two aspects to the purpose of an action; the perfection of the action and the end where the action leads to. The same applies to creation of human beings. There is the primary will of God to create humans so they may worship Him and enjoy eternal bliss and the secondary will of God to take the wretched individuals to hell even though He created them for His mercy but they failed to qualify.