Glimpses of Al-Mizan

The Garden of Adam (AS)

The most frequently asked question about the story of Adam & his Garden is whether he made a mistake or committed a sin in partaking from the tree which he was forbidden to approach. According to al-Mizān, the story of Adam may have been used by God to represent the rise, fall and rise again of the whole mankind. Adam was the first representative of humanity, and his life was a symbol of the life span of human beings in this world. Therefore most people seem to have missed this Qur'anic reality.

Are Prophets of God not Sinless?

The sending of the prophets and the showing of miracles in their hands is the confirmation of their words. It means that they cannot tell a lie. Also, it is an endorsement that they have the ability to communicate the message of God to their people. But a man who indulges in sins and such actions as would harm a project, cannot be said to be qualified to preach the usefulness of that project or to invite the people to participate in it.

The Principle of Imamah

An Imam is a leader who guides by a Divine Command. Imamah in its esoteric sense is al-Wilayah (guardianship) over the people in their actions and affairs; its guidance entails conveying them to the final destination by the command of God.

God is Always Known to Everyone

Al-Mizan says: ...God is known to any creature that has any share of knowledge of anything. This knowledge is not a sort of contemplative knowledge that one acquires through instruments, indications and data. 

Man's Bird of Omen (Fate)

Every person has something linked to his ultimate fate that would indicate whether it will be good or bad. Making it cling to a person's neck means making one's action inseparable from him. The neck is part of the body which cannot be separated from the person. The good or bad actions of a person do not leave him for anyone else, but they return to him, by a decree from God.

The Meaning of Glorification

Glorification (tasbih) means to purify something by speech, that is, stating and claiming the purity of something verbally. The essence of speech is the unveiling of what one holds within by some way of conveying it and referring to it. In other words, anything that serves as a means of conveying an intended message is a speech or word.

The Nature and Reality of the Spirit (al-Ruh)

God's command is His word which brings something into existence without the involvement of any physical means and their gradual effects - an act which belongs to Him exclusively. The spirit (ruh) has the same nature of existence as this command which belongs to the kingdom of all existent things.

Exposition of Verse 17:71

The people on the day of Resurrection will be divided into two groups. One group, who followed the true Imam of their time, is given their record of deeds in their right hands, and they shall read  their record with delight, pleasure and happiness and they shall be rewarded fully. The second group who did not recognize the true Imam of their time and did not follow the true path will not find salvation and felicity in the life hereafter and will not achieve forgiveness and mercy. 

The Meaning of Command (Amr) and Creation (Khalq)

Khalq (creation) and amr (command) are two considerations of the same essential meaning of bringing something to existenceKhalq is a stage of creation which is subsequent to some measurement. Therefore, it best applies to the creation of the very essence of the beings, because the process of giving existence to an essence involves the determination of its features and effects. Amr, on the other hand, best applies to the creation and management of the features and effects of the beings, and the general system of causes and effects through which they interact with one another, all of which is subsequent to the creation of their essences.

The People on the Aʿrāf (Elevations)

The People on the Aʿrāf are a distinguished group of men from the masses of people because of their high status. The qualities and descriptions mentioned in the Qur'an only make sense about people who have a lofty station at divine proximity. They are not applicable to ordinary individuals, let alone the disadvantaged.

The Meaning of God's Throne (ʿArsh)

Muslim scholars have a wide range of views concerning God’s Throne, the meaning of then He settled on the Throne (7:54), and other similar verses. Most earlier scholars have held that verses like these are among the ambiguous verses of the Qur’an, meaning that we should keep silent about their interpretation and defer knowledge of them to God.

Superiority of Angels vs. Mankind

Are humans superior than the angels in creation or vice versa? The Qur'an says that God has preferred the humankind greatly over many of those whom He has created. This statement has led to many different interpretations. It is possible that the clause "those whom We have created" in verse 17:70 refers to different species of intelligible animals and the jinn which has been asserted to exist by the Qur'an.